Lord, what do you
want to do through me?


When Cammy and I arrived at FUMC Plano, we felt like we had come home. It was the people; it was the beauty of the building and its setting in a greenbelt; it was all of the above. It was one of those things we just knew. So when we discovered there were leaks to fix, a sound system to upgrade, and a mortgage to pay down, we were ready to pitch in because this is our home. 

Our Home is our campaign to raise three-year pledges over and above our gifts to God through the church budget.  We hope to raise over $2 million over three years for three things:

  1. Waterproof around exterior doors and windows, including our stained glass windows, and eliminate mold that has been found. 
  2. Upgrade our sound system in the sanctuary to make the spoken word heard clearly by all.
  3. Reduce our long-term debt so as to decrease our mortgage payment and free more dollars to reach more people for Christ. 

On the heels of our 15th anniversary on this site, Our Home will insure the soundness of our ministry for the next 15 years. 

Our success will rise not because of the few but because of the many who prayerfully participate and ask the question, “Lord, what do you want to do through me?” Our Campaign Team and Prayer Team are already at work praying for you and for this effort. Cammy and I are already praying for you and for this effort. We invite you to join in praying this season of Lent. Keep asking God what God might do through you for the mission and the future of our home. 

Grateful for you and Christ in my life,


Matthew B. Gaston, Lead Pastor


What’s with the Cross? 

This half ton cross was crafted by member Tommy Edds (second from left) and installed on yesterday with the big help of a hydraulic drill and hoist by member Tommy Lawrence (second from right). Assisting them were Edds’ employees Nick Valey and Tommy Wood with Sean Clanahan, Zachary McLean, Alan Johnson, and Clint Pearson (not shown are Brandon Fleming and Renee Mason).

The cross is a lasting Easter witness to our community and a point of prayer and remembrance during the Our Home campaign. The campaign’s Prayer Team, headed by the Pearson, Witten, Moore, Edds and Lang families, will invite us to stop at the cross during our Celebration Event on April 29 and thankfully remember the rainbow – God’s promise – that appeared over a similar cross just before our church building was constructed 17 years ago.