First Leadership Team
Chair: Keith Landau | Vice Chair: TBD
Lay Leader: Tommy Lawrence
Staff Parish Relations Committee: Michael Smith
Finance Committee Chair: Rick Billings
Board of Trustees Chair: Clint Pearson
Missions Committee Representative: TBD
Weekday Program Board Representative: TBD
Lay Member of Annual Conference: Art Collier
At-Large Member Class of 2019: Rick Cline, Alison Revels, Mike Bowen
At-Large Member Class of 2020: Tim Herbst, Monica Peters, Phil Foster
At-Large Member Class of 2021: Will Peterman, Kate McNeill, Susan Moore
Director of Business Administration: Greg Welsh
Lead Pastor: Matt Gaston

Lay Members of Annual Conference
TBD (19) Kim Ross (20) Tim Hopson (21)
Alternate Lay Members of Annual Conference: Bill Downs, Madison Pearson
At Large Lay Members of Annual Conference (Nominated): John Shell, Staci Witten  

Staff Parish Relations Committee
Chair: Michael Smith | Vice Chair: TBD
Vicki DeVantier (19) David Boatfield (20) Jan Baucum (21)
Chuck Bradshaw (19) Staci Witten (20) Amy Peterman (21)
Michael Smith (19) Matt Pittman (20) Keith Gassman (21)
Lead Pastor: Matt Gaston | Lay Leader: Tommy Lawrence

Board of Trustees
Chair: Clint Pearson | Vice Chair: Pam Gray (20)
Secretary: TBD
Greg Peters (19) Phil Miller (20) Bob Baucum (21)
Clint Pearson (19) Gary Coder (20) Michelle Schroeder (21)
Debbie Ison (19) Pam Gray (20) Bob Christian (21)
Ex-officio members: Jill Stoel (Kitchen) Alan Johnson (Building & Grounds)
Brad Boganwright (Facilities Manager) 
Building and Grounds Task Force (Subcommittee of Trustees)
Chair: Don Magnus
Bob Bontz    Les Lakie    Norm Stephens
Jim Murrell    Don Magnus    Jeff Jeffers
Tom Durdin    Don Marshall    John Hunter
Ross Clegg    Richard Simmons    Ross Farnsworth
Trustees Representative: Alan Johnson
Director of Business Administration: Greg Welsh
Kitchen Ministries (Subcommittee of Trustees)
Chair: Jill Stoel
Laura Jeffers    Laura Dobbs    Steve Ritchey
Director of Business Administration: Greg Welsh
Columbarium Committee (Subcommittee of Trustees)
Chair: Linda Irby
Linda Irby    Debbie Blackstone
Dena McCutcheon    Cindy Boatfield
Director of Business Administration: Greg Welsh

Finance Committee
Chair: Rick Billings | Vice Chair: TBD | Secretary: TBD
Treasurer: Susannah Cajiuat (19)
Susannah Cajiuat (19) Richard Adkins (20) Rick Talbot (21)
Brenda Zimmerman (19) Rick Billings (20) Alan Williams (21)
George Tillet (19) Scott Overmann (20) TBD (21)
Lead Pastor: Matt Gaston
Generosity Team
Chair: Jim Carrillo
Jim Carrillo    Roy Witten    Linda Irby
Eunice Bernardo    Marilyn Cain    Bob Baucum
Bruce Cochran    David Wille    Scott Overmann
Lead Pastor: Matt Gaston

Hospitality and Connecting Team
Chair: TBD
Janet DeLaCruz Debbie Ison
Greeter Team Leaders: Judy Hicks, Tim Hopson, Sally Uren, Frank and Linda Irby
Mugger Leader: TBD
Usher Captain: TBD
Sports Outreach: TBD
Associate Pastor: Judith Reedy

Music Ministry Council

President: Matt Pittman
Treasurer: Richard Simmons | Secretary: Teresa Watson
Susan Davis    Franklin Kemp    Tricia Kemp    Jill Stoel    
United Worship: Christi Van Laere
Orchestra: Russ Aikins
Bell Choir: Tim Hopson
Music and Community Development: Nigel Eastman
Children’s Choir Director: Lyndsey Gerhart
Director of Worship Arts: Robin Kaufman Anderson

Worship Committee
Chair: Tish Mulkey
Jerry Wyatt    Danielle Kimler    Tish Mulkey
Tim Hopson    Diane Johnson    Peter Russell
Communion Coordinator: Lynette Little
Altar Guild Coordinator: Lynette Little
Lead Pastor: Matt Gaston
Director of Worship Arts: Robin Kaufman Anderson
Committee on Archives and History
Chair: Heidi Lawrence     
Tish Mulkey    Jim Murrell    Connie Calhoun-Amox
Anna McCleary Clinton    Jan Samuels    

Compassionate Care
Chair/ Secretary: Debbie Blackstone
Debbie Blackstone Mary Somerville Bruce Cochran
Rick Cline Dorothy Cline Marty Deschner Laura Jeffers Connie Calhoun-Amox
Care Ministry: Bruce Cochran
Grief Recovery: Mary Somerville
Heavenly Hosts: Laura Jeffers
Home Communion: Rick and Dorothy Cline
Transportation Ministry: Connie Calhoun-Amox
Associate Pastor: Judith Reedy

Adult Education
Chair: TBD    
Jerry Wyatt     Ed Stanfield
Melody Wyatt    Kim Ross    Kevin Clanahan
Minister with Adults: Mark Lucke
Library Committee
Chair: Cindy Boatfield     
Lynn Day    Edith Akagha    Cindy Boatfield
Lee Anne Young    Leslie Carter    Laura Jeffers
Minister with Adults: Matt Gaston

Children’s Ministry
Spark Preschool Council
Director: Barbara Edhlund
Teresa Blanc Nicole Jackson Courtney Smith
Kristy Pulcher Megan Gentry
Minister to Children & Families: Mardi Bowen

Ignite Children’s Council
Chair: __________TBD Debra Bartee (21)
Christy James (19) Kim Buntyn (20) Jennifer Barstow (21)
Kelly Donnell (19) Jaysha Grant (20) Sondra Lewis (21)
Allison Guild (19) Alvaro Salinas (20) Bill/Letty Carley (21)
FISH (Friends in Service to Him): Aaron Hicks, Amy Peterman
Leave HIS Mark: Allison Guild
Minister with Children and Families: Mardi Bowen
Youth Ministry
Crossfire Youth Council
Ellen Messer (19) Jason Spears (20) Greg Blakey (21)
Mardi Bowen (19) Greg Mayfield (20) Doug Jackson (21)
Fernando Salazar (19) Julyn Villaruel (20) Alethia Lamp (21)
Minister with Youth and Families: CJ Rice
Weekday Program Board
Chair: TBD
TBD (19) TBD (19)
My Friends Place Representative: Jerome Moore
Parent Teacher Connection Representative: Jaelyn Whorton
Preschool Parents’ Representative: Brian Moeschler
Weekday Program Director: Jessica White
Minister with Children and Families: Mardi Bowen

Scouting Representative
Chair: David Wille     

United Methodist Women
Vice President: Polly Lively
Secretary: Leslie Harris | Treasurer: Lori Carrillo
Becky Smith, Website & Facebook
Connie Calhoun-Amox, Publicity
Education & Interpretation: _________TBD
Historians: Jill Stoel
Membership, Nurture & Outreach: Anne Puhala
Nominations: Connie Calhoun–Amox
Program Resources: Kristy Boog-Scott
Social Action: Mary Alice Garza
Spiritual Growth: Roxie Lara
Yearbook: Connie Calhoun–Amox            
Nominations: Connie Calhoun–Amox

United Methodist Men
President: Randy Jennings | Vice President: John Shell
Secretary: Earl Amox
Treasurer: Bill Lang
Breakfast Coordinator: Steve Ritchey

Mission Committee
Co-Chairs: Debbie Ison and Leslie Harris
Secretary: Kim Blanc Treasurer: John Lindsley
Bill Downs (19) Mary Alice Garza (20) Taylore McDonald (21)
Laura Dobbs (19) Allison Guild (20) Kate McNeill (21)
Linda Irby (19) Cindy Gillam (20) Carrie Dobbs (21)
Suzanne Babb (21)
Mission Leaders
Blood Bank Mission: Kate McNeill
Children’s Representative: Allison Guild
Citizenship Class: Bob Thomas
Collin County Homeless Coalition: Lee Pierce
Education: Cindy Boatfiled
Family Promise: Laura Dobbs
FUMC Plano PX: Bill Downs
Food Pantries: Linda Irby
Quilts for Kids: Charline Chronister
Project Transformation: Cindy Gillam
Wellspring Counseling Center: Dr. Carolyn Maurer
Young Adults Mission Trip: Nigel Eastman
Youth Representative: Carrie Dobbs
Associate Pastor: Diane Presley

Committee on Nominations and Leadership Development
Chair: Matt Gaston | Vice Chair: TBD
Monica Peters (19) Bill Carley (20) Allison Hicks (21)
Debbie Blackstone (19) Debra Bartee (20) Wade Anderson (21)
Jan Samuels (19) Karen Christian (20) Jennifer Hopson (21)
Lead Pastor: Matt Gaston
Lay Leader: Tommy Lawrence