This video-based course from the Animate series looks at the things Christians “do” that make them Christians. For example--Praying: pastors and teachers tell us we should do it, but what are ways that praying can move beyond rote recitation and become meaningful, helpful, and life-giving? Worship: Is it just synonymous with “going to church,” or can we come to see it in a larger, more relevant perspective? Baptism and communion: Obsolete rituals or meaningful moments? If we claim they’re meaningful, how can we better prepare for them, and how can we receive them so that they’ll mean more to us? Service: Does it mean going on a mission trip? What about our everyday space as a mission field? These questions and several more will be explored in a way that will deepen the understanding of both new and longtime Christians. 7 weeks, Tuesday evenings, beginning April 18, 6:30-8:30 p.m., led by Mark Lucke