This is Our Home

A Case Statement for a Spring 2018 Capital Campaign
FUMC Plano

The images of Hurricane Harvey will stay with many of us a long time because of our ties to people in the Houston and Gulf coast area.  We still see in our minds the thousands of homes inundated with water - some roof high - and wonder, What if that was my home?  We are reminded again of just how precious our homes are to our sense of comfort, security, strength and outreach.  The same is true for our church home: it is the place for our sense of comfort, security, strength and outreach.

Three times in our 170 year history, FUMC Plano moved to a new location, most recently to our present church home back in 2002.  Because of our leaders’ vision then, we are well positioned to reach people for Christ now.   This is our home that rests on the solid rock of our historic faith and vision for ministry. 

As with our own homes, our church home requires maintenance, debt service and upgrades.  Our Pursue the Promises campaign has enabled us to replace nearly half of our aged HVAC units on the roof and we are scheduling the rest as campaign funds and budget funds accrue.  Lighting and plumbing needs have also been addressed. The next item on our Trustees list is the sound system and acoustics in our Sanctuary and Chapel.  They need to be upgraded so that all can “hear the good news” – both spoken and sung – from wherever one sits.  That is not the case currently.  For a fraction of the total amount raised, we will:

  • Complete a full acoustical study of both spaces
  • Replace sound boards and wiring
  • Augment and adjust speakers
  • Apply acoustical treatment to the walls
  • Replace and add new hearing assist units
  • Add video recording and live streaming capability

These efforts will combine to bring excellence of sound and hearing in both our sanctuary and chapel.

Additionally, with a full report that came to our Trustees on October 12 from our insurance claims adjuster, it became apparent that we must waterproof our church from the myriad of leaks that have occurred since the building’s construction.  We are collecting bids and anticipate the cost for replacement and/or waterproofing various exterior doors and windows, including stained glass and including the gym, to come in below $500,000. 

  We are clear however that the focus of this capital campaign is to decrease

            the long-term debt on our home so that we can increase the reach of our ministry.

Currently our total long-term debt is $4.7 million.  Our debt service on that note has been about $27,000 per month.  A feasibility study is currently being conducted by our partner, Horizons, Inc. to determine the reasonable levels of success based on our history of giving.  We hope to raise $2.5 to $3.0 million over a three-year campaign period beginning next June. Even with the upgrades to our sound system, our long-term debt will be reduced to about $2.5 million.  Amortized at 4% over 20 years, our new debt service would be about $12,200 per month.  This means a savings of nearly $15,000 per month, or $180,000 per year.

      What could we do in ministry and mission from our home with an extra $180,000 per year? 

  • How many more families could we assist when disaster strikes?
  • How many more children could we reach with school supplies and books? 
  • Could we enlarge our gym facility and create a more substantive sports ministry?
  • How many more families could we help with Wellspring Counseling?
  • How many more deserving youth could we send to camp?
  • How many more seniors could we reach with our programming and aid?
  • How much of a maintenance endowment could we build to help cover scheduled maintenance?

How many?

How much?

We don’t know the answer to those questions.  What we do know is that because of God, this is our home. Together we can commit to a direction-changing campaign that will take our over-and-above gifts and greatly enhance our sound, greatly reduce our debt, and move us forward in ministry and mission.

We want to continue building on the rock of faith and vision that has undergirded us for 170 years. 

We want to invest more in ministry and reaching people, and less in mortgage and reaching the bank.  It’s what we do with our own homes.  It’s what we will do for our church because, this is our home.