HCI Prescriptions Milestones

Announcement of HCI Prescriptions, (SUN) Jan. 14
One service at 10:30 a.m. with Dr. Jim Ozier preaching. Dr. Ozier is our Lead HCI Consultant. After the service the Rev. Gene Wisdom, our HCI Coach, announced the 5 prescriptions: 
1. VISION: Collaboratively drive a short, focused mission statement that captures our identity and purpose and becomes the baseline for all that we do.
2. HOSPITALITY: Collaboratively build greater intentionally and training into our hospitality.
3. CONNECTIONS: Collaboratively create a Connections Team to develop and execute a strategic plan for reaching and engaging younger generations.
4. DISCIPLESHIP: Collaboratively build a Faith Development Pathway for persons of all stages.
5. LEADERSHIP: Develop a strategy for intentional leadership development, placement and accountability.

Vote on HCI Prescriptions, (SUN)Jan. 28
FINAL VOTE: 174-yes to 4-no

Vision Workshop, (SAT) Feb. 24
Those who have been a part of the Healthy Church Initiative process were invited to a one-time workshop led by the Rev. Gene Wisdon, to fulfill our Prescription #1: determine a 4-8 word vision Statement based on our core values that states clearly who we are and what we are about as a church. Our mission as the United Methodist Church is to “make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world,” but what is FUMC Plano’s vision of itself in fulfilling that mission in our particular context? Everyone has an important word to contribute to this conversation. Contact Kevin Clanahan.

Vision Statement e-mail from Matt Gaston, (THU) March 8
Surfacing from the Visions & Values workshop led by Rev. Gene Wisdom were values and hopes that have consistently popped up since we began this HCI work. 
Values that we want to carry forward:
These were recorded from all: “Truth, service, spreading God’s love, spiritual growth, community outreach, discipleship, love, compassion and grace.” 
These were distilled to: “community, reflecting God, and spiritual growth”
These were distilled to: “reflecting God”
What does the community need from us?
Group work at tables distilled the following: 
Relationships built on compassion, acceptance and hope
Presence and support
Compassionate presence
Invitation, connection, support and healing
In eight words or less, write a VISION STATEMENT: verb – target – outcome
Groups worked at tables distilled the following offerings: 

  • Reflect God, be present, cultivate love in our community.

  • Offering compassion and acceptance to our community.

  • Warming hearts by building relationships with grace and compassion.

  • Sharing the love of Christ with others.

Since then, I have asked staff to weigh in using this distillation process.  Additional suggestions for a Vision Statement of eight words or less are:

  • Showing the love of Christ beyond our walls.

  • Reflect God. Cultivate Love. Build Relationships.

  • Extending God’s grace and hope to every life.

  • Reflecting God’s grace to those looking for hope.

Lastly, according to our process, I have been prayerfully mulling all of the above and forming a draft in my own mind that aligns what I have consistently heard and with my own mission:
“Connecting God and grace
and to self and community.”

Vision Statement Presented to FLT, (MON) March 12
Matt Gaston presents a draft to our First Leadership Team (Church Council). They discerned, discussed and voted unanimously for “Connecting God and grace and to self and community.”

Implementation of HOSPITALITY, (SUN) March 25
Beginning on Palm Sunday and continuing through Easter, we incorporated suggested changes to help us move from being not only friendly (which we do well) to being more intentionally welcoming and connecting to the new face among us. Trained “meet-ers” (Connectors) made their debut on these Sundays.  

Staff Conference Call with Faith Perceptions, (TU) April 24, 10 a.m.-noon
Melanie Smollen from Faith Perceptions, the organization who prepared the Mystery Guest Report for our church, discussed the primary goal of the report, to help us gain an outside perspective of what guests are experiencing when they attend services at our church and what (if anything) we can do to improve that experience for future guests. During the call, she led us you through the findings and summarized what the strengths and opportunities are for improving the way the church welcomes and connects with guests. 


Building greater intentionally into our hospitality! 


In an effort to address our hospitality prescription from Healthy Church Initiative, our Hospitality Team created two stickers: a Methodist Cross & Flame, and a red heart that says, “Ask me ANYTHING about FUMC Plano!” Guests will be given a Cross and Flame sticker to wear and the red heart sticker will be for our “Connectors.” They are responsible for connecting guests with those who regularly attend worship. Our Connectors will concentrate their hospitality efforts after the services inside the sanctuary while greeting guests wearing the Methodist sticker and making them feel welcome. Then, continue connecting in the Gathering Area.

Our Hospitality Team also purchased beautiful BIG umbrellas for our Connectors to use on rainy days to welcome our guests and church members.

Our Hospitality Team also purchased beautiful BIG umbrellas for our Connectors to use on rainy days to welcome our guests and church members.


Providing a safe environment for our children to learn and grow in their faith is so important. Ignite Children’s Ministry is excited to introduce the new electronic check-in system upstairs for our children! This was one of the suggestions offered during our secret shopper evaluation of the Healthy Church Initiative.


reference material

Order your copy through Amazon  HERE

Order your copy through Amazon HERE

The Healthy Church Initiative is a process, not a program.  It takes the church through steps, led by local trained people (facilitators, coaches, and consultants) from North Texas. The Large Church Initiative of the HCI process focuses on churches with mid- to large-sized congregations. Through a combination of shared learning experiences, coaching and consultation, this process helps congregations more effectively join God in God’s mission. 

This long-range planning initiative was voted unanimously at our Charge Conference last November 2016. Phase 1 included Gloria Fowler, a Conference consultant, working with our church exclusively earlier this year as we read and discussed material pertaining to vital, growing churches. CLICK HERE to see the reading list.

As part of the Phase 2 process of HCI, we are asking all of our people to complete a congregational survey to provide our consultation team valuable perspectives about our church. It’s short, easy to use, and completely anonymous. Our goal is to have at least 50% of our people complete the survey, but the more the better!

Prayer is an important part of growing with God. As part of the Healthy Church Initiative, we are asking church members and guests to be in prayer for each other, our church, the community around the church, and for the transformation we seek to make FUMC Plano a simple, healthy, vibrant church family filled with disciples and making disciples of Christ in North Texas.