Ever since I mowed & edged lawns as a kid, I have enjoyed yardwork, tree-planting and pruning as therapeutic and life-giving. Later I came to appreciate its impact on property value and first impressions for others.

 I love the look of our church as you approach from any direction. We have a beautiful campus which our Yardbirds, Trustees and staff work hard to maintain and enhance. But at the end of the day, it’s our home, which is why this Saturday we will have an All-Church Work Day beginning at 9 a.m. in the Gym on the south side of our campus. We will go for 3-4 hours, working on various manageable tasks in and around our home. One of those tasks is the trimming of our many trees that people see as they drive by.  

I have thinned out and trimmed up 14 trees so far. We have 50 to go. With a snipper, lopper, bow saw and perhaps a ladder, one can trim 1-3 threes in a couple of hours. You see the math here. I will be here Saturday to trim up some of our trees, especially along Spring Creek Parkway before the Balloon Festival next weekend. Trimmed up together, our trees will make a new first impression on the thousands coming to our home to park. Thank you in advance for helping our home to look even better to that next person looking for a new church home.

See you Saturday AND Sunday at our home,

Matt Gaston Lead Pastor

Matt Gaston
Lead Pastor