As I have worked to consolidate the care for my father, I realized that I was being overwhelmed managing his bills and ours too - twice the work and time. It forced me to come up with ways to make this labor of love a little easier. I discovered what many already practice and that is putting my Dad's bills on auto-payment through his bank or credit card (which leaves me with just one statement instead of many). I still get the invoices but with the assurance that they are already being taken care of automatically. 

I know that our love for our church can also be a labor of love. Similarly, I have found great joy (and less time spent) in having my tithe billed automatically to my credit card which I pay off in full at the end of the month (and keep the miles). That way, when I head off on a mission trip, or vacation, or just get really busy, I know my love for my church is taken care of automatically. It helps my church continue its great work during the summer uninterrupted. 

I want my staff and all of my church members to take that needed summer vacation. I also want the fullness of our ministry during the summer to be fully underwritten for the glory of God. Consider automating your gifts to God through your church with a bank draft or credit card billing; the fine folks in our Business Office can help you do that easily.


Matt Gaston
Lead Pastor