I thought that was the funniest question when Allison Hicks, our minister to children, asked me to go on the middle school mission trip, and I'm sure my face reflected that. Two things struck me as funny: 1.) This is the woman who will be exhausted from her day and night efforts for the discipleship of 350 children called Vacation Bible School only to then want to spend a week with middle school youth in Waco and, 2.) when a person is on a mission trip, she or he IS working.

I remember my mentor pastor would require all program staff to spend a week at either camp or on a mission trip for their own renewal as well as the spiritual support of others. I have not put that into policy yet, but I did tell CJ to go talk to our new facilities manager Greg Harris, who had separately told me he had never been on a mission trip--EVER. 

Turns out, they could use another man on their trip to Waco. Jesus did, after all, say, "Go."

Here's to being in mission with you,


Matt Gaston
Lead Pastor