This was one of those in-office, administrative logistic questions that became pause for theological reflection.  

It is very tempting for churches to work out of a theology of scarcity - the certain belief/fear that resources are scarce and that we may not have enough for ourselves and what we need to survive. So we skimp, fret and make sure that we "cover our costs" before we give to others, trusting only our own reserves. People see that.

Vibrant churches work out of a theology of abundance - the certain belief/confidence that resources are abundant since they are from God and that we have more than enough to survive. So we dream, plan and make sure that we give to others first, trusting God that we will cover our costs. People see that.

I saw our First Leadership Team and the Finance Committee together work out of a theology of abundance last week when it voted unanimously to apply proceeds from this year's Balloon Festival to our Missions Team instead of to the church budget. It was a faith step toward God, God's generosity and our mission field. That decision by our church leadership made that in-office, administrative logistic question an easy one to answer.

On Tuesday, July 4 at 7:30 p.m. our Patriotic Pops Offering will go to Hero’s on the Water (HOW) DFW Chapter - an all-volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to serving wounded and disabled active duty, Reserve and Guard troops. The group aims to help injured warfighters recover mentally and physically through the therapeutic qualities of fishing from kayaks. The Heroes on the Water program lets mother nature do what she has done for hundreds of years: heal.

We trust God for what we need in order to witness to the world that we love to give (Acts 2:46-47).  And people see that too .


See you Sunday and Tuesday at the Giving Place,


Matt Gaston
Lead Pastor