I love summer's change of pace that readily allows for play as part of my pastoral work.  

  • Two weeks ago I spent a day in the pool and preaching with 35 of our elementary kids at Bridgeport Camp.
  • A week ago Mark Lucke, Cammy, our son Blaine, and I hosted 17 adults and 15 elementary children at our home for burgers and dogs. We shared our faith stories and discovered a hunger to create a new Sunday School class which will launch August 27. Another is being planned.
  • Last Sunday, we hosted six of our recent high school graduates and three of our college students to talk about adjusting to college life. They also played a most competitive game of Sequence.

All of this "play" helps us to plan better for the needs of our multi-generational church for the next 15 years as we enter Phase II of our Healthy Church Initiative. In the weeks ahead you will hear more information about opportunities to get on board for this. In the meantime, be sure to read Simple Church.

Come for the planning, but stick around for the play.

See you Sunday at the playful place,

Matt Gaston Lead Pastor

Matt Gaston
Lead Pastor