Feasible.  Feas-able.  According to Webster, it comes from the old French root, "faire"–"to do."  Feasibility then means, "able to to do."  

It has a rather safe connotation: something within our comfort level; something we know; something within our known ability; something predictable.

During the fall a number of us filled out a "feasibility survey" for our stewardship consultant, Horizons Inc. Don Smith, its representative, interviewed some 20-25 of us. The company looked at patterns of giving, statements of belief and confidence in the church, her leadership and her direction and then completed its analysis. This Sunday, December 10 - immediately following the 11 a.m. service/Cantata - Don will report out to us the results of the company's analysis which will then be published for all to see in the church. I hope you will stay for 20-30 minutes following the service. We will extend child care for this reveal.  

I do not know the full results of the analysis. What I do know is that Webster did not factor in God for what he defined as,"feasible."

See you at the surprising place this Sunday,


Matt Gaston
Lead Pastor