As I think back to a pretty glorious 170th and 15th Anniversary celebration (wasn't that FUN?), there are faces that keep popping up in my mind: Heidi Lawrence, Jill Stoel, Lynette Little, Robin Anderson to name only a few. As I think forward to Thanksgiving, there are faces that keep popping up in my mind: my late mom, my mother-in-law Joyce Craig, my wife Cammy, my sisters - all of whom have been so formative of our various Thanksgiving offerings. 

Now before I get a bunch of male protests, I absolutely acknowledge and appreciate the work that guys like Tommy, Gerry, Wade, Kevin Clanahan and others did for last Sunday, and I appreciate what the guys in my family have done to assist with Thanksgiving but, in most cases, there's no comparison, right?

So this Sunday I want to extol the virtue of a biblical woman named Deborah in Judges 4: 1-9, and a number of women for whom I give God thanks as we all head into the Thanksgiving week. My staff and I wish you all a blessed time with the women of your lives.   Tell them what a gift they are for you.

Grace and peace,


Matt Gaston
Lead Pastor