From its root word, "merit," the term "emeritus" bestows both title and honor to retired professors, bishops and pastors who have distinguished themselves in their service over their career. In this 170th Anniversary of FUMC Plano and 15th Anniversary at our current location at Spring Creek and Parker, I am proud to announce the designation of the Rev. Phil Mercer as Pastor Emeritus of FUMC Plano, filling the title and role held previously by the Rev. Ralph Burke. This designation was a unanimous decision of our Staff Parish Relations Committee over the summer. It was Phil's vision back in the 90's that saw the opportunity and provided the drive that moved our church from its downtown location to its present, fourth campus in 170 years.

Since his retirement, Phil and Mary both have been fixtures of presence, welcome and active ministry for Christ here at FUMC Plano. They are regular worshipers and Phil is a steady pastoral presence for persons in the hospital from our church. I personally have greatly appreciated Phil's steady affirmation and encouragement of my ministry in the North Texas Conference over the years. In this anniversary year, I have asked Phil to preach this Labor Day Sunday that we might honor him for his labors. I hope you will make every effort to be present to hear an energetic word from one who loves this church dearly. Thanks be to God.

See you in the honoring place,

Matt Gaston Lead Pastor

Matt Gaston
Lead Pastor