The fun part of reunions whether family or school - in addition to the food - is reconnecting and renewing old ties and friendships. We see folks we haven’t seen in ages and rediscover all over again why we enjoyed one another and how much we had in common in the first place. The experience tends to re-ground us with thanksgiving. It also can generate new ideas and renewal for what we might do together going forward that would not have happened without the reunion.  

I am really looking forward to reconnecting with some old friends this Saturday night as the Revs. Don Renshaw, Judith Reedy, Andy Lewis, Holly Gaskill Bandel and others from our past rejoin us with stories at our 170th Anniversary Reunion Songfest at 7 p.m. Of course there will be food to go along with the merry-making. However, it will be matched by the renewing of our common faith in our future at our ONE 10:30 Worship Service Sunday morning, and of course again there will be food!

Nametags will be a must and we will provide them so that we might meet the person who is sitting in our seat come Sunday. I think it an appropriate turn for us as we celebrate our 15th Anniversary on this site and ask God, “O Lord, who would you have us go meet over the next 15 years for your sake in this place?”  

See you at the Meeting Place this weekend,


Matt Gaston
Lead Pastor

PS: See Joshua 24: 14-24 for what that renewal looked like for God’s people then.