After Sunday's inspiring cantata, Don Smith—our consultant from Horizons Stewardship—presented to about 50 people the Feasibility Report for our spring, "This is Our Home" capital campaign. From the 84 surveys (a good sample, Don reported), several highlights were lifted up:

  1. There is strong belief in the appropriateness of the goals for the campaign.
  2. There is high confidence in the leadership of the church for this campaign.
  3. The projected range of giving is not proportionately as high as 1 and 2. 

Copies of the stapled, abridged report are free and in the office for pick-up by anyone. The bound, fuller detailed report is also in the office, available for check-out.

Monday, Dec. 18 at 7:30 p.m., we will hold a Church Conference to review and vote on our 2018 Budget and amendments to the slate of leadership voted in at the November District Charge Conference. In a Church Conference, every member has a vote. I think this aids transparency and communication. Copies of the report are available at church this Sunday and in the church office.  

These housekeeping items are important for our church family because this is our home. Next week in Part 2  I will talk a bit about what, beyond repairs and debt retirement, most importantly makes this our home.  

See you with the church family Sunday,


Matt Gaston
Lead Pastor