In Part 1 last week I wrote about the Feasibility study for the, "This is Our Home" capital campaign next spring. I also invited all to the Church Conference two nights ago where we added two persons to the ranks of leadership and we unanimously voted in a $2.2M Budget for 2018—a 4% increase.

In Part 2 this week I want to acknowledge that improving sound, repairing door and window leaks, and even paying down our long-term debt is the stuff of home ownership. We do this as a matter of course for our own homes but it is not what finally makes it our home. It is the people in it. 

For people of Christian faith, we celebrate this Sunday the first and most important person in our homes: Jesus Christ. It is around him that all of life and love turn, all goodness and truths are learned, practiced and celebrated. Christ comes not just as the babe in the manger but the warming, illuminating fire in the fireplaces of our hearts. Sunday, we will lift candles in "Our Home" and sing, "Son of God, love's pure light" to reaffirm these truths—the truths that truly make our houses and house of worship ... our home

Welcome home this Sunday,


Matt Gaston
Lead Pastor