Pastor Matt grounded by a safety vest at the Plano Balloon Festival this past Sunday. 

Yes, it’s a Superman quote but applies well to all that was the Balloon Festival here and the upcoming weeks of ascending promise.

Having paid to go Saturday night and then working the parking lines Sunday afternoon, I gained a full appreciation of this major event. Members, staff, Boy Scouts and others all worked with precision, great organization (Thank you especially Randy Jennings, United Methodist Men and Yardbirds) and good cheer as we collectively raised some $40,000 for mission and ministry. 

Moreover, that can-do spirit is being felt in our leadership meetings as we plan for our first stewardship emphasis in October (LEARN MORE) and our Healthy Church Initiative Retreat January 12-14 (LEARN MORE). The attitude continues to be, “God is good; let’s go!”  I think Bishop Gary Mueller will capture that same excitement in his sermon, “Vitalizers” this Sunday, October 1 at all three services. 

I look forward to being at table with you Sunday while being reminded that by the power of the Holy Spirit, our future is indeed, “up, up and away!”

Matt Gaston Lead Pastor

Matt Gaston
Lead Pastor