That was how Kevin Clanahan said it at the Town Hall Meetings held this week. He heard that able analogy from member Alan England who pointed out that with a new year’s resolution, we resolve, we make up our mind to do a new thing, like lose weight or get in shape. Only after we determine the resolve do we then select the strategies and tactics to fulfill that resolve. Or as Dr. Jim Ozier said during the Healthy Church Initiative workshop, many churches want to grow but that is not the same as deciding to grow.

Our vote Sunday after church on the five prescriptions is all about resolve versus strategies and tactics; it is all about deciding to grow. Once we make that decision, the strategies and tactics are within ready reach to achieve our goals for our growth in the kingdom.

P.S.  Some have been confused about our HCI process and the upcoming Capital Campaign to reduce debt, waterproof our home and upgrade our sound. These are two different things that are happening at the same time. I apologize for not being clearer on that point. I look forward to worshiping the Christ who calls us this Sunday. 

Breathe peace,


Matt Gaston
Lead Pastor