This Sunday's lectionary text, 1 Samuel 3:1-20, convicted me to preach to our youth and children this Sunday. Everyone else can listen in, but I will be addressing them particularly. I have such a heart for children and youth because I know first hand the formative impact God has on the hearts and minds of young people, just as God had on Samuel. God always brings God's best and asks us to always consider the same in grateful response. 

This communion Sunday, on the altar that Lynette always prepares beautifully, we will be reminded again that God brought God's best to us in the person of Jesus Christ. Jesus will again stand at the altar – present in the bread and cup – and invite us to the prayer rail and bring our best: our honest confessions, our unanswered prayers, our frustrations, and also our hopes, our dreams and our thanksgivings. As Samuel and Nathan did, so Jesus also invites us to bring the very best of our material offerings – our gifts and "First Fruits" – for these validate our words as more than simply words; they say truly that we brought our best.

So grateful for you,


Matt Gaston
Lead Pastor