This Sunday is one of my most beloved. The pictures, the candles, the chiming of the bell - all take me to a place of sometimes teary remembrance and thanksgiving, and well they should.

I see with yesterday's clarity Sam Perrine standing tall on the front row singly loudly. I see Betty Vilven planning her next trip from her hospital room at Medical City Plano. I see Ann Gray in her green choir robe and Mardi Gras-colored hair smiling with that teenage impishness from the choir loft. My life is so much richer for having known them, and I am thankful. I feel the responsibility to step up in their absence and offer to others what they gave to me.

This Sunday we will all be given an Estimate of Giving card to bring to the railing when we come for communion. Your response will drive what we are able to do in ministry and mission in 2019. It is our opportunity to step up for a rising generation and do what Sam, Betty, Ann and all our saints have done for us.

We all stand on the shoulders of giants. I look forward to celebrating them this Sunday.



Matt Gaston
Lead Pastor