This is the title of an anthem that became a favorite this time last year as we prayed through the Lenten theme, "Roll Down Justice." Both anthem and theme challenged us to ponder, reflect and rededicate ourselves to the holy change that has to happen within us before we can expect a change in the world around us. 

This year, the challenge for holy change during Lent is the same and on three fronts: our Healthy Church Initiative prescription process, the Our Home capital campaign process, and our own souls. We are simultaneously working on our first two prescriptions - hospitality and vision - and our campaign teams are recruiting, meeting and training. These will bear fruit to the extent that we all do the work within our own souls. "Lord, what do you want to do through me?" is an appropriate prayer for all three of these holy efforts.

During this Lenten season, be in prayer, be in worship, and be open to the Spirit and holy change within your life because ... God has work for us to do.

Thanks be to God,


Matt Gaston
Lead Pastor