"News of him spread even more and huge crowds gathered to listen and to be healed from their illnesses.  But Jesus would withdraw to deserted places for prayer"
(Luke 5:15-16, Common English Bible).


Interesting listening to Joe Jaworski, leadership consultant to Dutch Royal Shell Co., say that before he begins a session of a corporate conference, he has everyone observe two minutes of silence, preferably with a walk in some available green space. He says it consistently changes the tone and quality of the work done together.  Lent gives us that same structured opportunity.

40 days crossed by six Sundays, we have opportunity starting tonight at 7 p.m., to find our own "deserted places" for quiet, prayer and centering. God meets us there before we confront the tyranny of the urgent in our lives. There is so much competing for our attention and energy; so much that distracts and distresses us - even in just the life of our church. We will be a better stronger people, a better stronger church, a better stronger individual as we find our quiet place and let God have our full attention first.  

From ashes we came; to ashes we shall return,


Matt Gaston
Lead Pastor