"There, there; everything's going to be all right."

I can remember my mom saying that at various points in time to my three sisters and me while growing up. It didn't lessen the hurt or promise to do so, but Mom's cooing assurance always made the hurt more tolerable as she listened to us, held us and rocked us. What Mom did not know was that she was teaching us a theology of hope in the face of pain, suffering and loss. 

"Theodicy" is the theological word. "Theo" means God, and "dicy" comes from the Greek word meaning justice. Together the word is how we think and talk about an all good and all powerful God and God's justice in the face of obvious evil and suffering. It is hard but not impossible to resolve (cf. Revelation 21:3-7). I want to talk a little bit about that this Sunday for Mother's Day and as we say goodbye to Rachel Escamilla, our Intern for the last nine months from SMU (be sure to attend the reception after the 11 a.m. service!).  After all, it was most of our moms who taught us the biblical and theological truth, "everything's going to be all right."

Bring Mom; we have the gift of a flower waiting for her and every woman who is our guest this Sunday.  

Thanks Mom,


Matt Gaston
Lead Pastor