"Moment" n. [ME < momentum, movement, impulse, brief space of time, importance]  (Webster's New World College Dictionary, 2010)


Summer is not officially here and we already have experienced both moments and momentum:

  • 40 individuals joined the church in May;
  • a mission team of young adults helped replace the roof and siding of a hurricane-hit house along the Gulf coast;
  • another team of 30 middle school students and adults head out for similar work this Sunday;
  • nine new HVAC units installed, making all of our rooftop units new;
  • eight people represented our church at Annual Conference this week as we listened to Adam Hamilton remind us how to reach others;
  • because of our support, 39 under-served and deserving children from our mission field will attend Go Camp in July;
  • a settlement with our insurers should begin work on Our Home by the end of the month.

With one Sunday to go with our First Fruits for Our Home, here is where we stand:

  • committing families thus far: 259;
  • total three-year commitments thus far: $2,520,416.83;
  • First Fruit offerings as of June 3: $595,944.97.

Will you be part of the moment and the momentum when we announce our First Fruits Total on June 17? 

See you at the moments and momentum place this Sunday,


Matt Gaston
Lead Pastor