As I mentioned Sunday, I thought the outpouring of voters last week was a win for our country. Apathy? Nope. Engagement? Yep.

A surprising theory I have heard for below average attendance and giving in our churches this fall is the many people who have focused those resources on their preferred candidate/campaign. Following that theory, our churches should see a post-election uptick in attendance and giving. What was true for so many grassroots campaigns around the country I know can be true for our local churches as well; namely that many small participants lessen the load carried by all and can carry the day in victory! This is true in attendance, financial resources and prayers; participation by many makes ALL the difference … by mere single-digit percentage points!

You will soon receive by e-mail and snail mail a letter from the chairpersons of our Church Council, Finance and Staff-Parish Relations Committee. If you are a member of our church, you will want to read it. It is daunting, but no more daunting than a similar situation for our church two years ago. We strongly prevailed then and can do so again. As in the recent elections, the difference will be the level of turn-out: turn-out for generosity in 2018 and turn-out for generosity through our Estimate of Giving Cards for 2019. God needs both of these from every one of us, regardless of how small, to do what God has in mind for our mission and vision.

As we step through this season of hope, I challenge you. Do not stay on the sidelines; there is so much coming that requires the power of your participation and prayer. This will bless all of us and those we reach for Christ.

Power and prayer to the people of FUMC Plano,


Matt Gaston
Lead Pastor