" ... your surplus can fill their deficit so that in future their surplus can fill your deficit."  
- Paul, 2 Corinthians 8:14


Last night some 50-75 people from families and all walks of life gathered at our church for dinner and age-grouped counseling sessions afterward. Why? In most cases a parent has died unexpectedly and the children, youth and remaining adult are striving to cope in the aftermath. That is why the organization is called Journey of Hope. It is the brainchild in part of our own Russ and Sandra Aikins.  

Last month Journey of Hope asked if we would forgive for the remainder of the year the $400/month they pay for use of our facility – a total of $2400. We said yes. Our ability to absorb a $2400 loss of income is greater than a small 501(c)3's ability to come up with the revenue, especially during the summer. My word to Lara Korba, the Executive Director of JOH, was that I had every confidence that our congregation would make up the loss of income, even during the summer months.  

I am challenging you as a church to do just that, and more. 

For the first six months of 2018, we are running nearly $100,000 behind in projected revenue. Analysis shows that those who submitted Estimate of Giving cards last fall are close to tracking their estimates. We are falling short on the usually stronger general giving from those without an Estimate of Giving. The shortfall is not gaping with a few in this category but consistently short among many.

The good news is that in previous years we catch up at the end of summer. If we collectively  do some catching up with our historically good intentions this summer, we will be fine going into the fall. So as Paul appealed to the Corinthians, I appeal to you now: let us finish the good work we have begun financially so that ALL of the children and families we serve will find in us the hope that God promises. You can text “FUMCPLANO” and your giving amount to 73256, go online with your credit card HERE, or send in an old fashioned check, but do it now; it is time.

See you on the journey to hope this Sunday,


Matt Gaston
Lead Pastor