When I needed to take over the financial affairs of my dad in addition to our own, I realized pretty soon that unless I automated, I would miss some payments that I wanted to make on his behalf and ours. Once I set up some bank drafts and some autopay accounts on his credit card (where he could earn some points), managing his monthly cash flow and ours became much easier. It was efficient, faster, a cost saver, and gave me peace of mind that I was doing right by the vendors even when I was out of town. I take the same tack toward our heavenly Father and our church.  

Cammy and I automate our giving - both our 10% and our Our Home commitment. I know those gifts of gratitude are vital for our church's momentum and need to come in on a regular basis. I also know that because of vacation and other commitments, we will miss some Sundays this summer; my peace of mind comes from knowing our giving will not.  

Co-Chairs the Rev. Alice and Gary Coder will announce this Sunday our grand total of commitments before summer and a lot of work around "our home" begins. I want to challenge all of you to automate your giving; you will do right by your heavenly Father, your church and your spirit this summer as you take some much deserved time with your families.  

Blessings on your sabbath this Sunday and summer,


Matt Gaston
Lead Pastor