Be rooted and built up in him, be established in faith and overflow with thanksgiving just as you were taught. - Paul, Colossians 2:7-9 (CEB)

As I have watched the historic rainfall of the last two months and pulled on a sweater against the sudden chill, one thought has occurred to me: wildflowers.

According to UT News (yes, this OU fan just wrote that) and every other source with expertise on botany, it is a fact that uncommon amounts of rain in the fall/winter will result in uncommon amounts and variety of beauty in the form of spring wildflowers - bluebonnets, Indian paintbrushes, spider lilies, and dogwood blossoms. The heavenly investment of downpours now will result in a bumper crop of floral dividends next year. This is the way of the spiritual life as well.

Paul encourages the members of the church at Colossae to be rooted in Christ through worship, prayer, acts of charity, and generosity. John Wesley would later refer to these as, "means of grace." We respond to the grace of God in our lives with investments of grace in our church, trusting there will be amazing dividends later in our lives and the lives of others. For all of us it means "taking a next step."

I will be away this weekend at Bridgeport Camp helping lead a Men's Retreat as my valued colleague, the Rev. Andy Lewis preaches here. Both of us will be witnessing to the dividend of Christ in our lives as we invest with our own step toward Christ; witnessing to the beauty that is coming after the gray rains of dreariness.

Thanks be to God.