"... write a vision, and make it plain ..."  Habakkuk 2:2


This was the word from God to Israel when they had become unfocused in their life and work together as God's chosen people. It happens in cycles to organizations — the need to reassess and refocus to again, as James Covey said, "keep the main thing the main thing."

On Sundays from Aug. 19-Sept. 23, I will preach a six-week series entitled, "Vision: a Healthy Church Initiative." In it, I will unpack our church's new Vision Statement that very few know: "Connecting God and grace to self and community." When I briefed our church's leadership team on my goals with this series, Finance Chair Rick Billings  said, "That is really helpful; I hope you will unpack that for the whole church."

To this end, I am writing an accompanying small group curriculum with each week's sermon to promote and encourage discussion. I am asking every small group to use this study during this six-week series — UMW Circles, Emmaus Reunion groups, Sunday School classes, prayer groups.  In this way, we will become of one mind and understanding of a God-given vision that has bubbled up from our Healthy Church Initiative work together over that last 18 months. With a singular vision, we will be able to see more clearly where our focus of resources needs to be. 

I am excited to make our work with HCI more visible again ... for ALL to see.  

Thanks be to God!


Matt Gaston
Lead Pastor