• A first-time recycler becomes a first-time member;

  • a guest to our Wellspring Counseling Center becomes a guest to our worship;

  • veterans from our church assist in ceremony and then read to children on Veterans Day at nearby Hickey Elementary;

  • staff subsequently assist the children there in Field Day games;

  • 900 crocheted skull caps & small blankets are given each year to newborns and their families through area hospitals;

  • talented musicians are invited to participate in our Contemporary Worship service;

  • our youth and young adults all assist families in post-hurricane clean-up and repair over the summer.

Give up?

They all are just a few examples of how our church connects God and Grace to the Community. The thing about Jesus and his ministry was he kept telling his disciples to do as he did; and this meant going out, actively connecting the kingdom of God to people who were wonderfully surprised by those acts of grace, and given pause about the possible meaning for their lives. Some who were touched came back; some did not. Some of the grace given fell on "good soil" and "some on bad soil."  But according to Jesus parable, the sower keeps sowing regardless – throwing around the grace of God – trusting that it will eventually take root and bear fruit.  

Connecting God and Grace to the Community; it's what we do!
See you in the generous place this Sunday,


Matt Gaston
Lead Pastor

P.S.  We have a special guest witness at all three services this Sunday for our upcoming  Blood Drive on Sept. 16.  Hint: she is a former Intern here.