This was one of the questions that surfaced Sunday in one of our small group discussions around our current series, "Vision: a Healthy Church Initiative."

I imagine it stems from an impatience to "get on with it;" the "it" being our next steps as a church. I also feel that sentiment as I tend to be an action-oriented person. However, as I prepare to leave town for a day to visit my father in Houston, I have to pause before I take off.

Dad has Alzheimer's. I have to consider so many things What are his needs at this time?  How might I best help with those needs?  What do I need to anticipate?  What do I need to pack?  Which doctors should I consult with so that I will know which medications and appointments need to be scheduled?  
I need to be clear in my mind what is most helpful before I just jump in.

Habakkuk and Jesus were both clear about being clear on where you are going before you go. That seems sensible to me. During this six-week series we are taking stock to better understand what is most helpful to people who need Jesus before we take off to "do something." That requires a bit of patience and forethought. So thank you for pausing enough to look faithfully before we leap. That thoughtfulness will bring clarity to our task to "make disciples" in new ways that will be clear to everyone.

Blessings and prayers,


Matt Gaston
Lead Pastor