Although November 22 has not arrived, Thanksgiving is already in my head because it’s a time when food, family and hope are consistently found around the table hosted by amazing women in my life. For me, it was my Mom; it was my grandmother; it is my mother-in-law; it is my wife.

Your experience may be similar. Therefore, for three weeks as we head toward Thanksgiving and Christmas, I want to highlight three biblical women of hope: Ruth, Hannah and Elizabeth – women of determination, resourcefulness and honesty – characteristics I have seen in amazing women who shaped my life.

Who are those women for you?

Over the next three weeks, I invite you to grab a Sharpie and write a name, a prayer, or a few words about an amazing woman (or two or three) in your life. You will find the Sharpies next to the paper-covered columns in the Gathering Area. Tell a story of an amazing woman with her name, a prayer, a thanksgiving, and we will all be enriched for the sharing because isn't that what this season is about – sharing? And who primarily taught us that, especially this time of year?

Thank you Mom, Grandma, Joyce, Cammy; I love you.

To God be the glory,


Matt Gaston
Lead Pastor