Our Crossfire Youth braved the winds selling concessions at the Plano Balloon Festival for missions!  Photo by Sherri Zemanski

All aboard in some villages really does mean ALL aboard! As Pastor Diane described how she first came to understand “Chapa Evangelism,” she told about getting on the “Chapa” (see pictured above), a 15- passenger bus. This chapa would take the passengers from the village of Chicuque in Mozambique to Maxixie. Just as she was comfortable, the chapa would stop for more passengers to board, and they would indicate to her that she should “move over.” Finally, the 15-passenger bus carried 30 passengers to its destination of Maxixie! During that trip, there was not much personal space but there was time to get to know one’s neighbor on the chapa!


Pastor Diane encouraged all of us to find invitational ways to be in conversation with others, to listen and to interact, to be in community, to be a good neighbor. Missions has just begun the Neighboring Movement which trains us how to get to know our neighbors. Pastor Diane and her husband Doug began 10 years ago by inviting folks over for a light brunch on Labor Day. The first gathering had 20 neighbors who stopped by to visit. The most recent (pictured here) had 55, in response to the 80 invitations handed out by Doug.

If you are interested in learning about how we at FUMC Plano can learn more about our neighbors here at the church, please email Pastor Diane at dipresley@hotmail.com.


Judith Reedy
Associate Pastor