From John 1:39-41, this is Jesus's response to some people seeking him and asking, "Where are you staying?" It was as if the people had a God-shaped void inside that they knew needed filling and they sensed rightly that Jesus could fill that void. In fact, they were hungry for him to do so.

There are a lot of people in our world seeking, searching for something. Theirs is a gnawing knowing that something is missing in their lives and they are not sure what it is. Consequently, they go chasing after a lot of things hoping to fill that void. The problem is that so much of what we chase after (take your pick: success, money, being liked, food, entertainment, social media, self-medication, sex, etc.) cannot fill the God-shaped void that God built into every one of us. Only God can fill that void.

For the next two Sundays, we will make two-sided cards available for you to give with an invitation to someone you know - someone you sense would benefit from being exposed to Jesus in both worship and service.

We want to first invite people to experience the risen Christ on Easter, April 21. Then, we also want to invite them to experience the risen Christ going out into the world on our first-ever Mission Together on Sunday, April 28, right after our one worship service together at 10 a.m. By inviting people we know to both experiences, they will experience the two-fold nature of our calling (love God and love neighbor) and the emerging focus of our church of Connecting God and Grace to Self and Community.

So grab a card (or two or three). Be in prayer about who the Spirit is nudging you to invite and then be bold to go to that friend, that family and say ... Come and see!

See you at the inviting place this Sunday,


Matt Gaston
Lead Pastor