When we talk about our discipleship process we say we connect God and grace to self and community. What do we mean by “community”? For many, that word implies the local, usually smaller area of our population. For example, I live in the community of Murphy or Lucas or Parker, or the Douglas community within Plano. Certainly, as we chose to use the word “community” in our Vision Statement we had that in mind, and we enable growing disciples in our church to connect God and grace locally through avenues like our recent Patriotic Pops Concert, the Plano Overnight Warming Station on cold winter nights, our Citizenship classes, and our Quilts for Kids ministry just to name a few. A group of men assisted with floor installation in a home recently and will build outdoor benches to be used by Memorial Elementary when school starts up again.

Our understanding of “community” also includes our regional community of Texas and the United States. Recently we enabled growing disciples in our church to connect God and grace through leadership of camp at Bridgeport; college-age and middle school mission trips to Victoria, Texas, for post-hurricane home repair; and a Crossfire Youth Choir tour to New Mexico, Arizona and California.

Our Honduras Mission Team: Mark McLain, Kevin Davenport, Alan England, Will McLain,, and Nigel Eastman. They will travel to the La Mosquitia region of Honduras July 28-Aug. 4.

Finally, we understand “community” to be global. Sunday we blessed Kevin Davenport, Will McLain, Alan England, Nigel Eastman, and Mark McLain as they depart for Honduras with supplies to help with children’s health and home construction. This work aligns with the work of Reach Out Honduras and its directors, Alex and Laura Waits. Laura is the daughter of members Jim and Dee Parker. Tommy and Heidi Lawrence and members of their Sunday School class have been to Honduras as well in support of this growing educational ministry, growing in their discipleship as they connect God and grace where those are vitally needed.

In deploying growing disciples locally, regionally and globally, we step in the footsteps of the first disciples who Jesus charged to go to “Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the ends of the earth” and be witnesses of love for the Christ we serve.

Thank you ALL for your service to our WHOLE community.