I am indebted to two writers whose works I am reading this month - the Rev. Jacob Armstrong and Dr. J. Philip Wogaman. They have helped me to think in fresh and stimulating ways.

Armstrong points out in one of his daily "Treasure" devotions:

There are times when someone asks me to do something, and I know I should say no. ... Multiple yeses lead to multiple masters. Every time a yes obligates me to another commitment, I am stretched thinner and have less time for what I truly want to invest in. We must choose our yeses carefully. We must also learn that every time we say no, we have an opportunity to say yes to something else. Every no, in other words, is really a yes (emphasis mine, p. 41, "Treasure").

Complimenting this idea of "every no is a yes," Wogaman discusses the search for meaningfulness in his book, "What Matters." In today's generation, he sees complication and crisis that exceeds even his growing up in the Depression and war years. He asks questions like, "What does a life well-lived look like? What motivates us? Where is true meaning found?" His stated goal in this short book (which our young adult class is studying) is to gain clarity about what is actually meaningful in life: what matters and what doesn't (emphasis mine, "What Matters").

These last three months of the year are important in the life of our church. We will have rich opportunities in October, November and December to focus on what is our treasure and what we WANT to be our treasure - those things that matter most. In these three months we have the chance to reflect and say NO to things that are not as meaningful so that we can say YES to the things that are. As the carpet is installed, the pews re-set and the sound tweaked, I pray you will make every effort to be in worship, study and prayer every Sunday you are in town; the Spirit will surprise your soul in some wonderful, Christ-centering ways.

See you in the Alignment Shop Sunday,