Sitting stream-side in Colorado each cool morning this week, Bible and journal in hand, I have felt so very far away from the Texas landscape and summer heat. But the events of the past weekend in Dayton and El Paso have kept the anguish in Ohio and Texas clinging tightly to my heart and prayers daily. They fill my prayer journal pages.

Losing myself in the gurgling sound of water tumbling irrepressibly from the Rocky Mountain tops to the Gulf of Mexico, I am reminded of the prophet Amos who must have pondered similar waters when he proclaimed, "let justice roll down like waters, and righteousness like a ever-flowing stream" (Amos 5:24). Amos comprehended correctly that regardless of the pain and injustice that we perpetrate upon ourselves and others, God's graciousness and God's justice will not be deterred; it will not be damned up. It will most certainly roll forward.

Curiously though, ever since the Garden of Eden, God chose US to be partners in this venture - collaborators with God to bring about this justice in the world. God could certainly do it by Godself, but that would be controlling, even dictatorial. Instead, God spoke through the prophets and came in the person of Jesus to show us how to actively help God's justice roll down more freely by binding the wounded, loving the stranger, and opening floodgates in broken systems that dam up justice intended for all. In God's economy, in the covenant God has made with each of us through our baptism, God needs an assist from us, the Church - an assist that goes beyond prayers and moves into action, just as surely as the ever-moving waters of this Colorado stream, rolling forward.

Christ's partner with you,