This week I am fulfilling my role as a member of the Board of Ordained Ministry. Along with other clergy, I am at the Conference Center at Lake Texoma interviewing 18 candidates for ministry. These individuals come before us to witness their calling to ministry. They were forged in all kinds and sizes of churches: Hispanic, Anglo, African-American, Korean, Latter Day Saints, Church of God in Christ, Catholic, Baptist; the list goes on. In one way or another, these candidates express to us in their interviews, "I'm not who I was, and I'm not who I will be." This is the next step in their pathway of discipleship.

What they all have in common is that God guided them to the United Methodist Church where they are living out their calling among a body of believers dedicated to growing in grace - a life-long proposition and a sacred one. At this point of the interview it's but a snapshot. As they grow in grace, they are not who they were, and they are not who they will be. This growth only happens in the intentional life of the church. I will be talking more about this on Sunday in worship.

For two weeks beginning Sunday, Feb. 10, I will also be leading a revamped Membership Class after our Sunday Night Life dinner. All are welcomed. This will be the necessary step for becoming a member of FUMC Plano as a significant step of our new Pathway of Discipleship. We are better together; I look forward to celebrating that with you at the communion rail this Sunday.

Yours in Christ,


Matt Gaston
Lead Pastor