Last week I defined what we mean by “community” in our disciple-making vision statement, “Connecting God and Grace to Self and Community.” I said that we intentionally enable growing disciples  to connect God and grace to others in our local, regional and global communities. I enumerated several active ways in which hundreds of people from our church do exactly this and in doing so, grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ and the world which Christ came to save. In fact, they are active instruments of this ongoing saving healing work that Christ is doing in the world today.

The feedback was so positive after our inaugural Mission Together experience the Sunday after Easter on April 28, we decided to schedule a second opportunity on the weekend of August 24 and 25. Mission Co-Chairs Leslie Harris and Debbie Ison, aided by the Rev. Diane Presley, are designing an array of hands-on opportunities that people of all ages can do together. I often say children learn more from actions than from words. So, we have multi-generational discipleship in mission. This will enable adults to work alongside our kids modeling discipleship by doing “mission together.” Be sure to sign up HERE with your family, Sunday school class or small group to be part our outreach after worship. We are collecting supplies for two organizations, Minnie’s Food Pantry and the Plano Animal Shelter. You can download a list HERE.

As we live more intentionally into a mission-focused perspective as a church, we make outreach and discipleship “the main thing (Covey)." We will worship on Sunday, August 25, in one service together for one hour before going and spending several hours reaching, helping and serving our neighbors the way Jesus teaches us (see Matthew 25: 34-40.) I hope you will make worship on August 25 a priority for it will be one of those rare times when we are all together.

Connecting God and Grace to Self and Community,