We rejoiced when our son Blaine came home from the hospital after 8 days being diagnosed and treated for Ulcerative Colitis. This was a learning curve for our family. During those eight days we prayed, Blaine had to fast, and we all learned a lot about healthier living. The cousin of Crohn’s disease, UC cannot be cured, only managed by a combination of steroids and diet control, something that is a challenge for most of us. With UC, one is better off with more frequent, smaller portions of balanced meals rather than less frequent and larger unbalanced meals. It requires thought, advance planning and self-discipline. Turns out this is good for all of us and quite concurrent with our Lenten series on spiritual disciplines.

Over the next three weeks we will explore prayer, healthy living and fasting as “means of grace” – ways by which we more fully experience the grace of God in both our spiritual and our physical lives. We are simply healthier in these categories when, with a little thought, advance planning and self-discipline, we build habits of prayer, healthy living and fasting into our daily rhythms. My belief is that like our son, we can die to some old ways of thinking and being and be made well during this Lenten season of spiritual diagnosis and treatment. Here’s to YOUR health ...

Breathe in peace; breathe out love,


Matt Gaston
Lead Pastor