By the time I began my senior year in high school, our family had moved five times. For me, there was usually a sense of adventure around those transitions but there was always some sense of ambiguity and a little anxiousness as all our belongings were loaded on a moving van and unloaded hundreds of miles away in a new house and neighborhood of kids I did not yet know. Fortunately, as most kids do, my sisters and I figured it out as we made new friends and navigated new schools on the way to our future. Those were "liminal" times - the uncertain area and time between what we always knew and what was yet to be seen and fully known. We are living in such a time - as a church and as a denomination.

This weekend, our denomination meets in General Conference in St. Louis to discuss, amend and hopefully vote for a plan recommended by the A Way Forward Commission after two years of work. We discussed the issues surrounding sexuality on a broad basis last fall as a church. What I ask for now are your prayers.

The Spirit can do mighty things among those who are faithful. We have a very faithful church full of good and honest people who love God and love others and want to do those things even better. I believe we can do things better as a denomination and as a local church, just as I believed as a child that there was adventure around the corner in every new neighborhood.

We are in liminal times, in-between times, and I trust God for that which I cannot yet see.

Standing on the promises of Christ my king,


Matt Gaston
Lead Pastor