Summer presents such a mix of feelings around transition from one season to another. This is especially true in United Methodist churches when itinerancy moves pastors from one church to another. In a span of a few weeks, we as pastors and congregations go from feelings of loss and grief right into feelings of gain and excitement. Such is our case this year as we said goodbye to the Rev. Dr. Ed Volfe and his family and get ready to say hello to the Revs. Judith Reedy and Diane Presley and their families.

Judith and Diane are newly retired UM pastors with distinguished careers and a passion to do more where their gifts can be utilized for Christ's mission here. In 1998, Diane created Amigos Days while she was an Urban Missionary working for three District Superintendents, and she has been generous in giving 10 hours per week in leadership for our growing focus on mission. Judith was associate pastor here at FUMC Plano from 1997-2002, and she will be working half-time beginning July 1 in pastoral care and worship leadership.

Both share a friendship, a strong faith and a love for mission to the community. Thank you in advance for welcoming these pastors and colleagues in ministry.

Connecting God and Grace to Self and Community,