Weddings at Firstchurch

We are honored to be considered to share in one of the most sacred and beautiful of all the services of the Church – your wedding.

FirstChurch staff and lay volunteers work diligently to provide you and your wedding party a service with Christian integrity and traditions that have enriched marriages for countless generations.


The service of marriage begins with the words, “Friends, we are gathered together in the sight of God…” and goes on to say “joining together this man and this woman in Christian marriage.”

These words are a reminder that this service is a covenant between God and each person as an individual with unique needs and feelings.


FirstChurch makes every effort to enhance the consciousness of God’s presence both in your minds and in the minds of those who share in this service.

In Cana of Galilee, Christ “graced” a wedding with his presence. Through FirstChurch’s assistance with your wedding, we hope you will experience His grace again as your vows are exchanged.

Gathering Area


For more information or to get started planning your wedding, download the Wedding Handbook and contact Victoria Shaw, office manager, to reserve your preferred date on the church calendar.