Get Connected

First United Methodist Church is about reaching out to expand God’s kingdom by sharing his love with others through personal invitations and welcoming hearts. Click below to sign up for a particular volunteer opportunity to serve FUMC Plano. 

Connect to God through Worship

The purpose of worship is to encounter God’s presence. FUMC Plano offers multiple worship experiences because different people encounter God in different ways. Find the worship experience that’s right for you.


Grow in a Sunday School Class or Small Group

We want to encourage you to join a small group or Sunday school class to grow deeper in God’s word.  We also feel that the best way to make a large church feel smaller is to join a small group and get to know other people.


Serve Others with Love

There are two primary ways to serve others, both in the church and through mission in the world.  We hope you find a place to impact lives both within the walls of the church and in the the world through various mission opportunities.