Go, tell his disciples, especially Peter, that he is going ahead of you into Galilee.  You will see him there, just as he told you.
Mark 16:7 (CEB)


This is the young man's words to the women at the empty tomb Easter morning, according to Mark's gospel. Not alone, all four of the gospel accounts have this forward-leaning promise that is ongoing. There is a whole new future ahead because of the radical news of the present: he is not here; he is risen!  It is why historically for the Church, Easter is not a day but a season that runs for nearly 50 days until Pentecost (this year, May 20). This has real implications for us Christ-ones; among them:

  • Easter is not an event but an eventuality for all who believe;
  • A resurrected life assures the possibility of resurrection for all aspects of our lives and not just our eternal life;
  • The Easter life is a life to be generously shared with others;
  • The Easter life is one that finds joy and excitement in life;
  • The Easter life is one that loves life and cares deeply about all people;
  • The Easter life is for all the seasons of our lives. 

We will doing a lot of things over the next few weeks before Pentecost and summer, but undergirding all of them will be the joy of this resurrection reality that is our good news to share.

He is risen indeed!


Matt Gaston
Lead Pastor