Hello again FUMC Plano from the SPRC. 

This is our second installment of communications between the SPRC and the congregation.  When we last gathered on Sunday morning to be available for discussion and questions, there was one question that kept being asked. That question was,”What does SPRC stand for,  and what is the responsibility of the SPRC?”

The answer to the first part is easy.  SPRC stands for Staff/Pastor-Parish Relations Committee. Staff/Pastor is the clergy and staff at our church, which includes all staff and not just ordained, appointed ministers. Parish is all of you, the congregation. The key to the responsibility of the committee is the word Relations. Regardless of the size of the congregation, the SPRC focuses on a strong relationship between the staff and the congregation, and between the congregation and the district superintendent. The Book of Discipline of the United Methodist Church (¶258.2g) lists specific tasks for the SPRC and goes into more responsibilities for the SPRC. 

We volunteer on SPRC in an effort to help the staff and congregation grow to our full potential in Christ. We pray for direction and discernment, and along with the staff work to move our church in the plan God has for FUMC Plano. Sometimes this is a difficult task for SPRC when having to make difficult decisions in an effort to discern God’s plan. Sometimes the job is easy and fulfilling when things are going well. Like anything we do in our lives there are ups and downs. The most important thing to remember is that we are all in love with Christ and have the same spiritual goal which is to have a closer stronger relationship with our loving God.

Being on staff at a church, any church, can be a thankless job. There are so many expectations from the congregation and so many people want so many things. Many times these things are pulling our staff members in many different directions. In reality, our staff is constantly working to stay within God’s plan and are everyday giving themselves up to God.  Let’s show our appreciation to staff this Sunday! I am declaring this Sunday Staff Appreciation Sunday! Find a staff member this Sunday (or any time this week) and tell them how much you appreciate them and say a prayer for them. Remember, we are all on the same team!

I appreciate you all!

Mike Bowen