Many have been kind to ask about and pray for my dad John, who at the age of 86 suffers from Alzheimer's. His once strong body is now breaking down. Your prayers have meant much, and I thank you.

We moved Dad from one facility that provided grace of care and attention to another facility that provides that same grace plus in-house, long-term hospice care, mainly for pain-management, as Dad banks into his final glide pattern. Along this journey I have discovered that grace does not remain static; it travels. It is given from one to another. In fact, if it does not travel, if it is not given, then it is not grace.

God so loved the world that he GAVE. Grace traveled from heaven to become human so that grace might still travel on earth and be given to God’s children that God so desperately loves. We tried to pin that Grace down on a cross and stop it but could not. Grace refused to stop traveling. Grace refused to stay locked in a tomb. It rose and walked and welcomed and taught and fed and kept traveling and giving. Grace did not stop.

Grace will arise again this Sunday, and we will celebrate that resurrection. And Grace will not stay confined in the walls of our celebrations. Grace will move on and walk and welcome and teach and feed and keep on traveling and giving … and so will we on the 28th and the days after because that is the nature of love, hallelujah!

See you in the traveling place Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday,


Matt Gaston
Lead Pastor