The power of love is the talk of the Royals and the world after Bishop Curry’s challenging message to us all at The Royal Wedding this past Saturday. He refers to love within the context of Matthew 22: 34-40 in which Jesus, gives us the great commandment which is to love God, and to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. For some the more difficult part of this commandment is to love ourselves.

May is Mental Health Awareness month, which immediately brings to mind our very own Wellspring Counseling Center directed by Carolyn Maurer. Since its inception in June 2014, Wellspring counselors have seen over 1250 clients. Our Counseling Center is unique in our community in that it provides affordable counseling by using a graduated fee structure based on family size and income by faith-based counselors here on our campus. An on-site counseling center at First United Methodist Church Plano is a grace-filled means of meeting the mental health needs of our community, both members and non-members, so that they may grow in faith and in their ability to cope with life’s stressors and challenges. If you have any questions or wish additional information, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Let us continue to celebrate love for God and other as well as ourselves.  

See you on Sunday,

Lisa Test
Minister of Outreach & Development